Cardiff Spring Festival 2018  -  Participants

Name Trading As Trading Period Website/Craft
Phil Baker Reflective Images

12 to 24 May

Jennie Barton GlassworksDesign 12 to 18 May www.glassworksdesign.com
Noa Blok Noa Jewellery 12 to 24 May www.noajewellery.co.uk
Claire Bowen Claire's Handpainted Glass 12 to 24 May Hand painted glass; vases, tea light holders, photo frames
Mike Cole Tangled Web 12 to 24 May www.makersworkbench.co.uk
Margaret Daniels AR & ML Daniels 12 to 18 May Vintage Welsh blankets, also used to make cushions, baby blankets, travelling rugs. Cards and vintage tea ware.
Alice Eaton Fieldbar Wine 12 to 18 May www.fieldbarwine.co.uk
Gareth Giddings Celtic Seren 12 to 24 May www.celticseren.co.uk
Daniel Jones Slate Shop 12 to 24 May www.welshslateshop.co.uk
Matthew Jones 'Ave a Go Ceramics 19 to 24 May www.aveagoceramics.com
Kate Lewis Kate Lewis Jewellery Design 19 to 24 May www.katelewisjewellery.co.uk
Mark Lewis Mark Lewis Photography 12 to 24 May www.mdlphoto.co.uk
Julia Millington Welsh Coast Pebble Craft 12 to 18 May www.facebook.com/welshcoastpebblecraft
Paul Morgan Uneek Workshop 12 to 24 May  Wooden products - mirrors, bowls, vases, signs, hearts, picture frames, candle holders and chopping boards
Emma Pritchard Memosa Art 12 to 24 May www.emmasianpritchard.co.uk
Rhiannon Roberts Rhiannon Art 12 to 24 May www.rhiannonart.co.uk
Neal & June Shipp Celtic Country Wines 12 to 24 May www.celticwines.co.uk
Joy Sowden and Adrian Wilson Coinwear 12 to 24 May www.coinwear.co.uk
Laura Matson-Thomas Koko Kitchen 12 to 24 May www.kokokitchen.co.uk
Saifon Yoothapong Designer Florist 12 to 24 May www.designerflorist.co.uk
An Young Castell Apothecary 12 to 24 May www.castellapothecary.co.uk
Saifon Yoothapong Designer Florist 12 to 24 May www.designerflorist.co.uk