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May Day in Landsea Square 2018

List of all participants

Name Trading Name Website/Craft
Christine Atkinson Storytime Puppets Hand made finger and glove puppets.
Phil Baker Reflective Images
Alaina Banfield Banfield Designs
Ruth Banks Angharad Banks
Jennie Barton Glassworks Design
Sam Clements Sick T's
Mike Cole Tangled Web
Susan Davies Shhh...!!! Gemstone Jewellery
Deb Ellis Delicia Cakes and Teas
Julie Ford By Olive
Ewa Gawel-Orzechowska Rue do la Cocotte
Sadie Hurley Sadie Hurley Ceramics Paint your own ceramics and glazed domestic ware
Leanne Latham King WWF
Mark Lewis Mark D Lewis Photography
Leighton Maurice Herbs in Wales
Michelle Merrill RSPB Cymru
Julia Millington Welsh Coast Pebble Craft
Mandy Morgan Garth Mountain Silver
Greg Shearman Chockshop
Karen Shellam Fresh as a Daisy Delicious hot welsh cakes and Bara Brith with Welsh butter
Sue Smith The Fudge Box Home made fudge and confectionery
Joy Sowden and Adrian Wilson Coinwear
Maria Stella Sorai
Vision 21 Vision Made
An Young Castell Apothecary