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July Art & Craft Market in Cardiff Bay 2022

List of all participants

Name Trading Name Website/Craft
Steve Ackerman Ackermando
Phil Baker Reflective Images
Chris Baker CJB art
Ruth Banks Angharad Banks
James Barker Ye Green Men
Andrew Barlow Andrew Barlow Paintings
Jennie Barton Glassworks Design
James and Patricia Brooks Jewel Personalities Handmade jewellery including metalwork, beads, precious stones and premade charms
Antoinette Burton Antoinette's Art Ceramic raku sculptures
Mike Cole Tangled Web
Erica Curtis Cushions Galore and More
Margaret Daniels AR & ML Daniels Vintage Welsh blankets, also used to make cushions, baby blankets, travelling rugs. Cards and vintage tea ware.
Alice Eaton Field Bar
Lee and Julie Ford Clash-Art
Molly Gameson A Little Cup of Scent Vintage teacup candles
Gareth Giddings Celtic Seren
James Gregg Jesse Alexander
Richard Hainsworth Draigenwaith Ceramics
Amanda James Gweni
Neil Jones Bees Delights
Mark Lewis Mark D Lewis Photography
Ellwyn Male Gweithdy Llwyd y Gwrych
Tammy McHale and James Keene Crefft Annwn
Julia Millington Welsh Coast Pebble Craft
Anna Robinson Bold Dino
Jonathan Willis Chockshop
Joy Sowden and Adrian Wilson Coinwear
The Woodland Trust The Woodland Trust
An Young Castell Apothecary