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Cardiff Summer Festival 2021 participants

Phil Baker Reflective Images 7 to 21 August
James Barker Ye Green Men 7 to 21 August
Naomi Barnes Naomi Rae by Design 7 to 13 August Hand made sterling silver jewellery with copper and enamel
Jennie Barton GlassworksDesign 7 to 13 August
Sarah Bevan Bespoke Pet Portraits by Sarah 7 to 21 August
Noa Blok NOA Jewellery 7 to 21 August
Claire Bowen Claire's Handpainted Glass 7 to 21 August
Antoinette Burton Antoinette's Art 14 to 21 August Photography, artwork, fused glass and ceramic sculptures
Mike Cole Tangled Webb 7 to 21 August
Margaret Daniels AR & ML Daniels 7 to 21 August Vintage welsh blankets also used to make cushions, baby blankets, rugs and lavender bags.  Vintage welsh china.
Jane Evans Jane Beebe Glass 7 to 21 August
Sian Evans Sian's Emporium 7 to 21 August
Gareth Giddings Celtic Seren 7 to 21 August
James Gregg Jesse Alexander 7 to 21 August Handmade jewellery using resin and flowers. Hand finished copper leaf jewellery
Gail Griffiths-Warner The Unique Cushion Co 7 to 21 August
Richard Hainsworth Draigenwaith Ceramics 14 to 21 August
Emma Halford Art TY 14 to 21 August
Neil Jones Bees Delights 7 to 21 August
Sophia Kwan So Blossom Accessories 7 to 21 August
Mark Lewis Mark Lewis Photography 7 to 21 August
Julia Millington Welsh Coast Pebble Craft

7 to 21 August
Paul Morgan Uneek Workshop 7 to 21 August
Lesley Peate Lesley Jane Jewellery 7 to 21 August
Caitlin Penry Caerynys Shed Jewellery 7 to 13 August
Elizabeth Pope Porthcawl Candles by the Sea 12 to 13 August
Tamlyn Rabey Tamlyn Ceramics 14 to 21 August
Katie Stanley Cariad Concrete 7 to 13 August
Margaret Thomas Lili Wen Designs 14 to 21 August
Amanda Treverrow Wire Art and Jewellery Delights 7 to 13 August
Yanina Wall Bluebell Peak Design 7 to 21 August
Amanda Williams Tycwrdd Crafts

7 to 11 August
Elsa Yohannes ByLula

14 to 21 August
An Young Castell Apothecary

7 to 21 August